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We are a team that is aimed for innovation, development of our own products and improvement of existing products. Our mission is to address some typical issues in the field of chemistry and technology, as well as providing additional benefits and advantages to our business partners and consumers.
We do not pursue fast money, but we are confident that quality comes at a price. Our method of interacting with the world is to hear others, in order to be heard. We know very well everything that we are doing and will continue to offer innovative solutions for our large audience.

Uniqueness of PVC Stitch

  1. How Does PVC Stitch WORK? It dissolves the layer of repaired material, creating a uniform surface. Works great with PVC, vinyl, neoprene, polyesters, eco-leather, cordura, polyester- based trilaminate, GORE-TEX fabric.

  2. How to apply PVC Stitch? 1. Degrease the surface to be patched thoroughly.
    2. Apply PVC Stitch. Do not smear to a thin layer.
    3. You can start using your patched product in two hours (Max strength in 24 hours).
    If there is substantial damage in the fabric or if the repaired item has a cut longer than 1,2 “ (30 mm), use our PVC Stitch Reinforcement Cord.

  3. When can I start using my patched product? You can start using your patched product in two hours. Maximum strength in 24 hours.

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