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Uniqueness of PVC Stitch

  1. How Does PVC Stitch WORK? It dissolves the layer of repaired material, creating a uniform surface. Works great with PVC, vinyl, neoprene, polyesters, eco-leather, cordura, polyester- based trilaminate, GORE-TEX fabric.

  2. How to apply PVC Stitch? 1. Degrease the surface to be patched thoroughly.
    2. Apply PVC Stitch. Do not smear to a thin layer.
    3. You can start using your patched product in two hours (Max strength in 24 hours).
    If there is substantial damage in the fabric or if the repaired item has a cut longer than 1,2 “ (30 mm), use our PVC Stitch Reinforcement Cord.

  3. When can I start using my patched product? You can start using your patched product in two hours. Maximum strength in 24 hours.

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Why PVC Stitch?

PVC Stitch Waterproof Repair Kit is a field solution to permanently fix rips & seal leaks on PVC and vinyl (inflatables boats, swimming pools, air mattresses,  waders), neoprene (wetsuits), polyester (tents), cords and more gear.
#1 new generation product for  neoprene, vinyl, polyester, eco-leather, cordura, polyester-based trilaminate, GORE-TEX fabric, and many other fabrics.


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